5 Star Moms Who’ve Hired Night Nurses

Anyone who has been a new mom will understand the struggle of night time feeds and baby care. These 5 star moms all decided to make life easier for themselves by hiring a night nanny to take over while they catch up on some important sleep. Believing that being well rested means they can be better parents during the day, these stars believe it was a positive step to hire some help.

Chrissy Teigen


Chrissy, who is currently pregnant with her first child, commented that she intends to have a night nurse and defended her choice: “A night nurse doesn’t replace you waking and feeding at night. You’re up with them. They’re helpers and teachers. I am so used to sharing our life that I forget how protective I will be soon. I cannot handle this kind of constant judgement!”

Jessica Simpson

Jessica explained that having a night nurse at the beginning helped her be a parent with a clear head: “We don’t have a nanny in the day, but we did have a night nurse in the beginning, and it’s really helped me stay sane. Anybody that can be there [helps] — even if it’s a relative who can help you so you can sleep in the first couple weeks of being home from the hospital. You have much more of a clear head. It’s really hard in the beginning and nobody can prepare you for it. But I really did get lucky: Maxwell is able to sleep through the night!”

Kate Middleton

A source revealed that Kate and William opted for a night nurse to help them with parenting: “Kate and Will admirably tackled parental duties any time of night when George was born. But, between WIliam’s new job and a much fuller house, they have decided to hire a night nurse in exchange for a bit of beauty rest.”

Kim Kardashian

When their daughter North was born, Kim and Kanye hired a nanny to take care of night duty: “Kim and Kanye’s night nurse sleeps in the nursery with Nori, and if she needs a diaper change, a feeding, or just be soothed, it’s the hired help that is taking care of the baby. Kim wants to be well rested so she can be the best possible mom to Nori, and feels if she is sleep deprived, that isn’t going to happen. Kim is treasuring the time of being a new mom, and wants to enjoy it as much as possible, without being sleep deprived. Sleep is very, very important to Kim, without 8 to 10 hours, she just can’t function.”

Megan Fox

Megan joked that a night nurse was essential for her sanity: “We have to get a night nurse or we’re going to get a divorce because somebody’s got to sleep in this house or we’re going to kill each other.”