5 Celebrities Who’ve Spoken on Public Breastfeeding

Opening up on the still controversial subject of public breastfeeding, these 5 star moms have commented on if they feel it’s right to feed in public. Believing everyone should feel comfortable to feed their baby wherever they want, these stars have also spoken on what they personally feel on the subject.

Alyssa Milano


Alyssa believes women should feel free to feed anywhere: “I just think it’s important for women to feel comfortable feeding their babies wherever. If we’re in public, we shouldn’t have to go in the bathroom. I don’t want to eat in a public bathroom. Why should I feed my baby in a public bathroom?”

Coco Austin

As a recent new mom, Coco has found that she has to breastfeed in odd places and it’s just something that happens: “Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do in when feeding time comes up..oh,the trials and tribulations! Breastfeeding in odd places…I want to start a trend where us moms post pics of all the wild stuff we do for our little ones… #momslife.”

Jaime King

Jaime wishes moms wouldn’t be judged for their choices: “Breastfeeding should not be taboo – and bottle feeding should not be judged.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim personally wouldn’t breastfeed in public: “I know some people find breastfeeding such a private, personal experience, while other people are very open and even breastfeed in public. Now that I’m a mom, I say whatever makes you comfortable goes. I still personally wouldn’t breastfeed at a restaurant with a bunch of people I didn’t know staring at me. I’ve seen this before and remember tweeting how shocked I was. Now that I’m a mom, I’m not that shocked, especially if you have a few kids and can’t leave to breastfeed one kid in the bathroom while leaving the others at the table. But I still personally wouldn’t do it, unless it was an emergency situation and I was fully covered.”

Miranda Kerr

Miranda hopes each mom feels they’re able to choose for themselves: “My recommendation is to make an informed choice and choose to breast feed or not based on the research you do as to whether or not it is beneficial to your baby and to you. Don’t abandon breast feeding because of any “social” stigma (perceived or real) that might be attached to breast feeding in public.”