5 Star Moms Share Their Best Parenting Advice

Being a parent is endlessly rewarding – but of course, it isn’t always easy! These 5 star moms have plenty of experience and have offered their best advice for being a good mom. Learning from what they’ve been through personally, they’ve spoken on what they think is a good approach when it comes to caring for children, and creating a happy and healthy environment for kids to be in.

Elizabeth Banks


Elizabeth says accepting help is a great idea: “Be open to any help.  Many moms today feel they have to be super moms, while historically we’ve always had a village to pitch in.  I think it’s really important to know when to ask for help.”

Hilary Duff

Hilary believes it’s important not to punish yourself as a parent: “My piece of advice would be: As a caring mom, you are enough for them. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. When one thing goes wrong, don’t beat yourself up! It’s a mommy skill.”

Jaime Pressly

Jaime thinks parents need to listen to their kids and try to understand who they are: “To listen to your child and always be supportive of who they are and who they want to be, their likes and dislikes, instead of trying to force who you want them to be onto them.”

Julie Bowen

Julie knows rules are important: “Being your kids’ best friend is not always the best parenting choice. It’s not about everybody being happy all the time. It’s about setting limits. In my house that makes my kids very unhappy, like tantrums-on-the-ground-twice-a-day unhappy. But the limits are set.”

Kate Winslet

Kate advises parents to give children a routine: “To me, parenting is about consistency, among other things, and routine. Children love routine. They like to know when they’re going to have lunch, and in what order things will happen during their day.”