5 Celebrities on How They Achieve a Natural Beauty Look

Always looking gorgeous even when they step out wearing minimal or no makeup, these 5 celebrities have revealed their secrets when it comes to getting that highly covetable natural beauty look. Favouring heavy duty products that serve their purpose, as well as simple makeup that they know flatters them, these stars have figured out what works for them and have shared their personal routines. 

  1. Kate Moss

Kate swears by sunscreen and regular facials: ”I just use a really good moisturiser regularly and sunscreen. I also love to have a facial when I have the time and I drink lots of water.” 

  1. Kate Winslet

Kate has a few key products ready for when she’s on the go: ”My beauty routine in the morning has to be fast as I am up early to get everyone out of the door for school. So I might wash rapidly with Lancôme’s Mousse Eclat which makes the skin feel really clean immediately. Then I slap on a couple of quick pumps of Visionnaire [skin corrector] and immediately apply Rénergie Multi-lift [cream] which has SPF 15 in it.” 

  1. Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney keeps it simple: ”When I’m just with the kids and no work, and just in full mommy mode, I have my five-minute make-up routine. It’s just tinted moisturizer, our [Kardashian Glow] bronzer and some mascara.” 

  1. Shakira

Shakira does her own natural makeup: ”I’m trying to go au naturel with my makeup. I like to use Tarte foundation because it’s oil-free and waterproof and doesn’t have any of the other bad stuff. I don’t put it all over my face- just in certain areas. And then a little bit of mascara. Sometimes I just curl my eyelashes and don’t wear mascara at all. The sun kisses my hair and it gives it a nice colour. I don’t really put anything on it, but I do condition it right after the beach.” 

  1. Victoria Beckham

Victoria has her favourite natural looking products: “Stila’s Lip Polish in Gleam is an old favourite and recently I’ve been trying Burberry’s Lip Glow in Nutmeg, which is a pretty, neutral pink. If I could design a beauty product, it would be the perfect nude lip gloss.”