5 of Hilary Duff’s Best Beauty Secrets

Actress and singer Hilary Duff is not only multi-talented and a mother of one, but she always looks great and has amazing style too. Hilary has shared a few of her best beauty secrets, revealing how she keeps her skin looking gorgeous and sharing a few makeup tips she has picked up along the way too. A big fan of oils and serums, Hilary keeps her skin hydrated and makes sure to cleanse well at night, opting for a special product. She also isn’t afraid to experiment with her hair, recently dying her locks a bold shade. Here are her best beauty secrets to date!


  1. She Uses Skin Oils

5 of Hilary DuffGÇÖs Best Beauty Secrets_1

Hilary loves keeping her skin hydrated with oils and serums: “I also use a lot of oils—I think that just massaging your face and using serums has changed my skin for the better. After I turned 25, I notices my skin changing a lot. The later I stay out or the more I drink, it shows on my face. You’ve got to tend to it more and more and more!”