5 of Hilary Duff’s Best Beauty Secrets

Posted by admin on September 8th, 2017


  1. She Swears by Face Mist

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She believes a refreshing spray makes her skin glow, and she even spritzes it on over her foundation: “I stick to the same regime every morning and night… I have a refreshing spray that I put on before I put on foundation and throughout the day. It makes my face glow!”


  1. She Keeps Her Skin Clean

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She always removed all of her makeup and uses a good cleanser to keep her skin clean. She also sees a dermatologist to make sure her skin stays healthy: “I take all my makeup off and wash my face every night. I use Polish by Dr. Lancer every day. He’s my dermatologist and I’m obsessed with him, and he saved my skin when I was pregnant because there are so many things you can’t use anything and I have horrible breakouts.”

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