Hilary Duff Worries About Raising Her Baby Son in the Spotlight

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New mom Hilary Duff has confessed that she’s increasingly concerned about raising her new baby son Luca in the spotlight. She also worries that he might want to pursue a career in Hollywood as he gets older, but if he does, Hilary says she will ask him candidly if he’s certain about the big choice he’s making:

“I’d say, ‘Are you sure?’ (if my son wanted to act). My sister and I said that same thing to my mom, and she encouraged us. I’m so happy she did, and I would not change my life for anything. But it’s tough, and it’s totally different than it used to be.”

Hilary is frightened that Luca will be followed by paparazzi for the rest of his life just because of who his mother is. She is worried that she’ll see images of him in magazines in ways she doesn’t approve of, and feels that magazines are becoming increasingly harsh, even when celebrity children are involved, doing cruel articles that even put them up against each other, which shocks Hilary and she hopes this won’t be the case for her new son:

“I am even scared of (Luca) growing up getting his picture taken all the time and feeling different. I saw a rag magazine the other day – I was having my hair done or something – and the headline said, ‘Who Wore It Better?’ and the photo showed (Tom Cruise’s daughter) Suri Cruise and so-and-so’s kid. They had the same dress on, and (magazine editors) put these kids up against each other. I’m just thinking that this is sickening. Now that I’m a mom and I have a child, I can’t imagine. It’s not right.”