5 of Alessandra Ambrosio’s Top Makeup, Hair & Skin Secrets

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Brazilian top model Alessandra Ambrosio always looks gorgeous. Often working for lingerie company Victoria’s Secret and appearing in fashion magazines, the model has learnt plenty of secrets that keep her looking stunning no matter what she’s doing. From her shimmering skin to flawless hair, the model has shared her best secrets for staying beautiful and revealed what products she trusts to help her look her best.

  1. She Loves Skin Masks

Alessandra loves to replenish her skin with a nourishing mask: “I love masks. I travel a lot, so it depends on how my skin feels. After the sun, I use a cucumber mask with aloe vera because it’s soothing and moisturizing for the skin. There’s a nice Chanel one that I use and all of these organic [versions] that smell amazing.”