Alessandra Ambrosio On Her Love for Fashion & Her Clothing Line


 Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio recently launched her very first fashion collection, ‘alé by Alessandra’, and has spoken on how much she has loved fashion over the years. Alessandra says her passion stretches back as far as she can remember when she used to make clothes for her dolls as a young girl:

“I always loved fashion, when I was five years old my godmother was a tailor. I would get the fabrics she wasn’t using and make clothes for my dolls. When I went to school, all I cared about was what I was wearing, I remember it being really, really cold and I would wear super crop tops, not showing my belly, but with high-waist stuff, and my parents would say, ‘Put some clothes on!'”

On what inspired her during the design process, Alessandra commented that she mixes her own life influences to create a relaxed bohemian vibe that is sourced from her Brazilian heritage as well as her life in Los Angeles:

“The inspiration is my lifestyle. I’m from Brazil but have been living in California for over five years. It’s a mix of Brazil and Malibu – it’s bohemian chic. I took tips from designers who I’ve worked with in the past and from places where I’ve travelled for modelling.”

The model is very happy with the end result and says is proud of what she is created. She gushes that the first collection has already been positive received:

“I’m just like a proud mama when it comes to my line, because I’ve been working on the line for a year and a half already, so to know that people like it, and a few of the pieces have been sold out, it’s amazing. So it just gives me more motivation to keep it going. And I’m very involved. I’m involved 100 percent, from the beginning, all the way to the end, because if I put my name on it, I want to be proud of it. I’m just very thrilled; I’m very happy with it.”