5 Celebs Who Were Bullied for Their Looks or Unique Style in School

Anyone who has been through high school will know what it’s like, especially for those who didn’t quite fit in – bullies often pick on people who don’t blend in to the crowd and stand out for one reason or another. These 5 celebrities have all said they were bullied for their unique looks or original style. Showing those bullies they were wrong, these stars have since become famous and are proud of their individuality.



Kesha was called a freak for her individual style: ”I was bullied. I’d make my own clothes and come to school with a different hair colour every day and people thought I was a freak. [Some] days I’m good about [criticism] and others it really does affect me.”

Mischa Barton

Mischa dressed differently from the other kids: “I was in public school in New York where all the kids were in black jeans and Nike sneakers and I was wearing little stockings and Mary-Janes and perpetually getting my a*s kicked in my bottle glasses.”

Nina Dobrev

Nina was picked on for how she looked: ”I had a chunky face. I had a phase where I cut my hair like a boy so kids will find anything to pick on you for whether it’s true or not because it makes them feel better and bigger and it isn’t until you’re the victim that you realise that it’s not fun and it’s not cool… Until you learn, you can hurt a lot of people.”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie was teased for her unique looks: “I was really teased about the way I looked at school. I think most models will tell you a similar story. I got teased because of my lips. I used to get called ‘T*t Lips’ – because I had big lips but no breasts. And then I was called ‘Kipper Lips’. There was a big group of girls that was Devon’s answer to (2004 movie) Mean Girls, and they would storm the bathrooms shouting, ‘I’m going to f**king deck (hit) you, Lips! See you on the school bus’. And boys didn’t really go out with me.”

Winona Ryder

Winona was bullied by kids who thought she was different: ”The lore! That did happen. I was obsessed with Bugsy Malone and had cut my hair short. I remember the halls were empty and these kids started shouting ‘f****t.”’