Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Speaks on Enjoying Modeling Lingerie

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British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has revealed that she enjoys modeling lingerie more than clothing. She says it’s something she has done for her entire career and she has always felt quite comfortable posing in just underwear. She even thinks wearing clothing can make things more complicated:

 ”I have been modelling lingerie for most of my career. I was booked for a lot of assignments early on. I have always felt comfortable although you have your days and your girlie times of the month when you don’t feel great and you go on stage with a bloated stomach. But it is something I have felt confident doing and I love it. Clothes are usually trickier because there is a lot more to them!”

Rosie adds that she always had a lot of confidence in front of the camera until she got a little older, although initially she was “up for anything” and ready to gain experience as a model:

”When I first started I had so much confidence. I was up for anything. In my early twenties and late teens I became a bit more insecure.”

The model reveals that her career almost didn’t happen because during work experience at an agency, she was told that it wasn’t for her:

 ”It wasn’t as glamorous as I thought I would be but I really enjoyed it. Someone was suggesting I should model but one of the agents called me aside and said ‘I don’t think this is for you, I think you need to go’. But I went back a year later and they asked me to model. I figured I would do it so I could at least see a photoshoot and I got my first job a day later.”