5 Celebrities Who’ve Suffered From Anxiety Issues

We’re all vulnerable when it comes to anxiety and any one of us can struggle with feeling overly anxious. In the spotlight, the pressure increases and it’s easy to see why someone might feel anxious with so many responsibilities, the constantly following paparazzi and hounding fans! Battling against their problem, some have had attacks or have particular issues because of the anxiety they have, but they try to conquer it each day and some say they now feel almost cured of their anxiety while others have to continually struggle against their anxious feelings. Here are 5 stars and their personal experiences on the subject.

Amanda Seyfried


Amanda is constantly battling to get over her anxiety: ”I like challenges. I’ve suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for many years and you learn to fight your fears by facing up to them.I still fight against anxiety. It takes time, even to get to the point where although you might have a possible self-image, you still worry about silly little things. I know how to deal with and over time it’s not going to be an issue for me. I just try to relax and have fun and not let myself get wrapped up in unimportant things.”