5 Celebrities Who’ve Suffered From Anxiety Issues

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl believes her anxiety comes from dealing with her own issues: “I do have anxiety, and I haven’t even had coffee yet. Coffee gives you anxiety. I need to get (sic) the point of why I have anxiety. You know when you go through (your problems) and you figure out why it is happening…You feel really vulnerable doing something so big for the first time. It’s my show at the end of the day, it’s gonna be my name that’s up there in the lights. It’s gonna be my show that’s reviewed. It’s all on you so it has to be exactly right and that pressure is intense.”

Gerard Butler

Gerard says it’s a vicious circle: “I was born into a world of anxiety. I am slightly addicted to anxiety. When I’m feeling anxious, I’ll create more anxiety for myself. Like I might call all these people about what’s fun to do tonight and end up with four different options, which in itself would put me into a blind panic; but then I’ll make another four calls just to make it 10 times more anxiety-ridden.”