5 Celebrities Who’ve Done Chemical Skin Peels

The idea of applying something quite harsh and chemical-based onto skin is daunting – but it can work impressively, refreshing skin and removing dead layers, revealing a fresh and polished new layer of skin that was underneath. These 5 celebrities have opened up on trying out various chemical skin peels of different strengths. Making sure to work with a professional facialist or dermatologist, these stars have tried out treatments, explaining what they like to have done, and while some admit they do peels regularly, others have just experimented.

  1. Courteney Cox


Courteney tried a hand peel to remove spots: “I’m hiding my hands because I just did a peel and no one needs to see (the skin peeling)… it feels like alligator skin. I did kind of a Fraxel peel to take all the spots away… Like a laser thing.”

  1. Freida Pinto

5 Celebrities Who’ve Done Chemical Skin Peels

Freida works with her dermatologist to have a skin peel: “From the outside a glycolic peel or microdermabrasion under the strict guidance of a good dermatologist is useful.” 

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow

5 Celebrities Who’ve Done Chemical Skin Peels

Gwyneth visits her facialist for a very gentle peel to refresh her complexion: ”I’ve always been told I have good skin so I try and look after it as much as possible. I usually deep cleanse and exfoliate my skin four times a week. I get a gentle peel from my facialist that takes away all the dead cells on the surface, and then I focus on moisturisation.”

  1. Jennifer Aniston

5 Celebrities Who’ve Done Chemical Skin Peels

Jennifer Aniston says she had a skin peel once but felt it was very intense: “It’s extremely intense. You don’t realize you look like a battered burn victim for a week. Then [the dead skin on your face] just kind of falls off—for eight days. It was horrifying.” 

  1. Melissa George

5 Celebrities Who’ve Done Chemical Skin Peels

Melissa does a strong chemical peel every few years, and does her best to look after her skin in between peels too: “I do believe in maintenance, though. I wear sunscreen and I have a very strong chemical peel about once every two years. Nothing much else as my face is so full anyway – it’s like a chubby little face.”