5 Celebrities Who Learned From Their Divorce Experience

Going through a divorce, particularly in the spotlight, can’t be easy. However, these 5 celebrities say they’ve all learned from their experience. They may have gained some wisdom about relationships that they didn’t know before or some say they’ve learned more about themselves by going through the hard break-up. Here is what they have to say on the subject.

Eva Longoria


Eva believes she has learned from her mistakes: “(Divorce) was hard but life goes on. Like anyone else, I’ve learned that life is full of experiences, and you learn from your mistakes. And go on. No one’s perfect. It’s never easy.”


Katy Perry

Katy feels like a better person after going through her divorce: “If you’ve got a dream, you’ve got to go on a journey to pursue that dream.I was going through some depressing, dark times.But it’s a journey and I learned so much from that journey. I feel like a stronger, better person because of it”.



Kelis learns from bad situations: “I’m not a big regret person. I’ve been divorced, and I can still say I don’t regret it. I’m a big believer that if a bad situation happens, it is a lesson that needs to be learned, just once.”


Reese Witherspoon

Reese felt stronger after her divorce: ”That period in my life was a challenge but you feel so much stronger once you pick up the pieces and make a new world for yourself. You rethink a lot of things and you develop a much sharper sense of what is going to make you happy. Many people go through crossroads in their lives, times where everything falls apart and you don’t know what to do next. But you learn so much and it makes decisions easier going forward.”


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett has learned more about herself: “I’ve had a fair amount of time to process the experience and go forward. I continue to get to know myself better as I get older, and that helps me in my relationships. I feel I know now more of what I need in a relationship, what I want in a relationship. And I know I have more tools to communicate, not just with my partner, but with myself.”