Eva Longoria’s Beauty Routine Focuses on Good Skincare

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Actress Eva Longoria has detailed her beauty routine, sharing how she takes care of her skin and the makeup she likes to use. Eva says that her usual beauty routine focuses on good skincare, and she knows how important moisturising and using sunblock is. She thinks taking care of your skin when your younger will ensure it will still look good as you age. She explained:

”My beauty routine focuses mostly on skincare, using moisturiser and sunblock every day. I’m very much into serums as opposed to creams, because my skin absorbs them better, and I wash off my makeup every day, which is important. The skin you take care of in your 20s is the skin you will have in your 40s, and so I spend a lot of time putting a lot of sunblock on my face. People are like, ‘Oh you’re not going to the beach’, but I [do it] going from my home to my office.”

Eva says that she has tried out a natural makeup look in the past but has realised she loves to wear a whole face of makeup and it’s just a part of her look:

”I went through a whole natural phase where I was just into tinted moisturisers. Now I’m more into a whole-face makeup – that’s who I am.”

The actress also thanks her parents for passing on their good genes because she thinks it’s allowing her to age gracefully:

”I’m lucky to have good genetics and great olive skin, so the [ageing] process is not taking its toll on me – yet! That’s not to say I won’t have thoughts on it when it happens, but it’s not on the forefront right now.”