5 Best Ancient City Bedrock Seeds for Minecraft

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The Ancient City has finally arrived in Minecraft thanks to the Wild Update. This underground structure appears at random below the -0 level and contains a variety of secrets, such as items, Skulk, and the terrifying Warden mob. In this list, we will provide you with the best Ancient City Bedrock Seeds for Minecraft

5 Best Ancient City Bedrock Seeds for Minecraft 1.19

1. Triple Portal

Seed: 4146286689878733572

Key Locations

  • Ruined Portal 1: -394, -290
  • Ruined Portal 2: -884, -364
  • Ruined Portal 3: -277, 101
  • Village: -400, 60
  • Ancient City: -694, -34, -264

Best Minecraft 1.19 Ancient City Seeds 5

You are lucky to have three nearby Ruined Portals and easy access to the Ancient City when you spawn next to a vast ocean with endless potential on the horizon. The region is dotted with villages and other structures that provide easy access to a variety of wood, stone, and building materials.

2. Badlands Sanctuary

Seed: -6778246788154565662

Key Locations

  • Ruined portal: 8, 312
  • Desert Temple: 232, 152
  • Ancient City: 120, -5, 120
  • Lush Cave: 134, 30, 111

Best Minecraft 1.19 Ancient City Seeds 1

With a spawn in the vast Mesa/Badlands biome, surrounded by jungles and forests, this is an unusual starting point with a fascinating secret: An Ancient City only 120 blocks away from X: 0, Z: 0. You’ll come across lush caves and plenty of resources on your way down to the Ancient City. And, of course, the vast open darkness of the Deep Dark.

3. Desert of Conflict

Seed: -7946293441700138673

Key Locations

  • Pillager Tower: 416, 77
  • Village 1: 319, -351
  • Village/Temple/Pillager Tower combo: 351, -707
  • Megavillage: 630, -885
  • Ancient City: 1115, -32, -1035

Best Minecraft 1.19 Ancient City Seeds 2

This is one of the most densely populated deserts you’ll ever come across! Underneath it all is one of the largest and most sprawling Ancient Cities we’ve seen. A massive cavern buried beneath a mountain range that causes Skulk to rise nearly 40 blocks. To make matters worse, several parts of this Ancient City are covered in Slime Chunks!

4. Meadow Mountain Mining

Seed: -2158621094386838390

Key Locations

  • Ancient City: -640, -35, -640
  • Perfect Snow Island: -400, -717
  • Double Village + Illager Tower: -522, -955
  • Ruined Portal: -388, -1178

Best Minecraft 1.19 Ancient City Seeds 4

Excellent loot and a fantastic surface base location can be found in this amazing ancient city. A perfect island in the Ice Spikes biome or a wonderful Mountain Meadow are your options. There are also two villages close by, but given how close they are to an Illager Tower, they might not last for long.

5. Dripstone City

Seed: -5199312259677311412

Key Locations

  • Jungle Temple: -808, -392
  • Ruined Portal: -632, 296
  • Village: -904, -232
  • Ancient City: -344, -30, 120

Best Minecraft 1.19 Ancient City Seeds 3

An ancient city called Dripstone City is located where a dripstone cave is, adding even more dread to the already terrifying setting. Huge snow-covered biomes, including a forest, plains, and mountains, surround and cover the area. One of the vast mountain ranges’ peaks is below the Ancient City.