4 Best Ancient City Java Seeds for Minecraft

The Ancient City has finally arrived in Minecraft thanks to the Wild Update. This underground structure appears at random below the -0 level and contains a variety of secrets, such as items, Skulk, and the terrifying Warden mob. In this list, we will provide you with the best Ancient City Java Seeds for Minecraft

4 Best Ancient City Java Seeds for Minecraft 1.19

1. Jungle Outcrop

Seed: -1880293469868761828

Key Locations

  • Ancient City: -272, -45, -624
  • Village and Ruined Portal: -491, -979
  • Bamboo Jungle: 550, 495
  • Ruined Portal: 902, 645
  • Savannah Village on Plateau: 1809, 561

A single flat-topped mountain protrudes from the heart of a vast jungle surrounded by badlands. You can build your distant outpost here in the midst of a jungle clearing, giving you great access to starting resources and a nicely secluded area, before tunneling down into an Ancient City.

2. Ancient Azaleas

Seed: 2414075141698161170

Key Features

  • Initial Lush Cave: 2, 35, -88
  • Ruined Portal on Ice Lake: 86, 106
  • Ancient City: 106, -3280
  • Spruce Village: 114, -257

Best Minecraft 1.19 Ancient City Seeds 6

Spawning in a forest with naturally grown Azalea trees gives you access to a very shallow lush cave. A few dozen blocks down from your starting point, you’ll find some incredible lush caves. This is a really beautiful spawn, with the Ancient City only 3000 blocks away and so many fascinating caves along the way.

3. Glacial Guardians

Seed: -7987742358295810744

Key Locations

  • Open Lush Cave: -23, 134
  • Ocean Ruin on Surface: 304, -183
  • Mineshaft: 419, 46, -754
  • Ancient City: 336,-33, -697

This Ancient City’s entrance is guarded by a frozen icefield. As you dig deeper, you will encounter a Mineshaft, which will reward you with valuable spoils in minecart chests. There are hidden points of interest throughout this barren landscape, but the true treasure is unquestionably deep beneath the world’s surface.

4. Cave to the City

Seed: -5126719842098578561

Key Locations

  • Cave entrance: 127, -517
  • Village: 332,  -849
  • Ruined Portal: 100, 890
  • Ancient City: 120, -50 ,-640

A large cave at the foot of a mountain winds its way deep underground through dripstone and lush caves to a dank and Ancient City. The area is surrounded by one of the more impressive-looking mountain ranges we’ve seen in-game.