5 Celebrities Who’ve Tried Raw Food Diets

Posted by tuan on September 21st, 2017

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The raw food diet has been receiving a lot of media hype for its reported health benefits and these 5 stars have all given a raw diet a shot. Only eating pure and raw ingredients, food is said to retain more of its health-benefiting properties when left uncooked or only heated at a low temperature and these celebs opted to try it out, with varying results. Some loved the diet and swear by it, while others had less positive experiences.


  1. Alicia Silverstone


Alicia realized raw wasn’t for her: “I was getting all excited about eating raw food and I realized it was not working for me. It’s not that fruits and vegetables aren’t good; everybody should [eat them]. But I still ate a lot of processed food and a lot of sugar and things like that, and white flour. In New York City you can get anything you want at any time so I was in the dead of winter trying to eat mangos. God created mangos to cool you off in the heat; that’s why they don’t grow in the cold. So here I was in the snow making myself colder.”

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