Miranda Kerr Reveals Her Tips for Wearing Perfume


Australian model Miranda Kerr is the new face of Escada’s Joyful perfume and has opened up on her tips for wearing perfume so it makes a big impact. Miranda says her secret is to spritz a small amount of perfume on the ends of her hair, as well as her clothing, so that people smell it as she enters a room:

 ”I like to spritz on the ends of my hair, and also on my clothing before I get dressed – just a little spritz on my clothing. It’s a subtle way when you enter the room for people to feel your presence, but not be overwhelmed by it.”

Miranda adds that she likes to stick to the same perfume so that it becomes her signature scent and people recognize her by it:

”I like to keep it consistent. If I like a fragrance it just kind of becomes my signature. These days, if you find something that works, you might as well go with it.”

The beauty comments that she has fond memories of perfume as a young girl because she used to play with her mother’s perfume collection:

 ”I remember playing with my mother’s perfumes. She had quite a collection. On her dresser she had all the different perfumes. It was her thing. I didn’t really get my own perfume until I was older, maybe in my teens. I remember using rose oils and sandalwood oil — mixing those two together. I liked that balance of the fresh flowers with something that’s very grounding. I think that’s a nice mix of freshness and strength.”