Megan Fox Reveals Her DIY Facial Treatment Secret



Megan Fox has divulged one of her top beauty treatments that she likes to make at home herself. Always with a spotless porcelain complexion, Megan comments that she often treats herself by mixing up some of her favourite products to give her skin a moisture boost which she has noticed has helped her complexion, especially while pregnant. She explains how she makes her secret treatment:

“One of my top skincare tips is a DIY facial treatment, I mix Eucerin’s Aquaphor Skin Balm with Miaroma Grapeseed Oil to make a face mask. It’s extremely hydrating and great for both dry and pregnancy skin.”

Megan says that she loves to wear Instinct perfume when she’s heading on a date night because it is both fresh and exotic:

“On date night, when I want to feel sexy, I’ll spritz on Avon’s Instinct for Her. It’s a fresh scent but there’s something really exotic about it, too.”

Keeping her bouncy locks in top shape, Megan uses products that hydrate and also give her extra shine:

“When it comes to my hair, I use an intense shampoo and condition to give it hydration and shine.”

The mother of two (she recently welcomed a second son) says she doesn’t often wear makeup when she isn’t working but she usually just slicks on some mascara if she wants to add something to her beauty look:

“I don’t wear a lot of make-up when I’m not working, but I do always apply black mascara to make my eyes pop.”