5 Celebrities Who’ve Had Terrifying Shark Encounters

Posted by PZ on August 10th, 2017

Ross Lynch
ross lynch

Ross was snorkelling with friends when he came across a shark: “We were snorkelling for three hours so we were a bit far out and a shark started swimming up to us and we all freaked out and… held on to each other real close (sic). It was a good enough size to take a limb.”


Ryan Kwanten

Ryan was surfing when he accidentally put his hand in to a shark’s mouth: “I fell off the top of a wave and put my hand down, expecting to get the sand bank and it went straight into the mouth of a shark… (but) it was a wobbegong shark; it’s got more gums then teeth… I didn’t get bitten, I got gummed (but) there are scars to prove it.”

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