5 Celebrities Who’ve Had Terrifying Shark Encounters

Posted by PZ on August 10th, 2017

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo was cage diving when a shark managed to get half way inside the cage: ”I had a huge fear of sharks, and when I did ‘Blood Diamond’ in 2006 I actually got stuck in a cage with a great white, which was awesome. It was a gigantic great white … They actually said in 30 years this has never happened, but the tuna kind of got stuck on the top of the cage and the great white leapt out and tried to bite it and went into the cage with me. Half of its body was in and out, and I flattened down at the bottom, and it was this far away, and it chomped a few times but I survived it.”

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden was diving with her mother and brother when she bumped in to a shark: “This safety diver got in to take pictures of my brother and my mum and they had their fins on and when the shark comes too close, you put your fins in their face, and I didn’t have my fins on and all of a sudden… they start going, ‘Shark, right behind you!’ I was going, ‘What could it be? Tiger shark, Mako, bull, Great White…’ I swam for my life… They were yelling at us because it’s the worst thing to do is to swim away from the shark and make all the splashing. I was like, ‘Guys, you yelled shark… How else do people react? I practically walked on water back to the boat.'”

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