5 Celebrities Who Were Nervous About Proposing

Posted by PZ on August 24th, 2017

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Popping the question can’t be an easy task – there is probably a memorized speech and of course, the ring, plus creating that perfect moment is a lot of effort in itself, so it makes sense that anyone would be nervous. These 5 stars all admit that their nerves almost ruined their proposals but luckily they got through the special moment, getting down on one knee and thankfully getting a “yes” in return!

Adam Levine


Adam felt confident at first but once he started, the nerves built up: “Doesn’t matter how certain you think you are. You still get down on that knee and you just get woozy and you’re like, ‘I’m doing this. Oh my God.’ And you can’t be confident about it. It’s impossible. I’m a confident person, but I got down on that knee and everything changed immediately. I lost my equilibrium. I had to get on the other one. But the one thing that I will say is that I did say at one point, ‘Both knees. Like look, I got on both knees.’ And it didn’t sound charming at all.”

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