5 Celebrities Who Are Big ‘Downton Abbey’ Fans

British drama ‘Downton Abbey‘ has a huge following, and as the tv show is about to come to an end, we celebrate by looking back at some of the celebrity fans who never miss an episode. Although ‘Downton Abbey’ may be a hit British show, plenty of Americans have picked up it and now can’t stop watching, and it even has a few surprising fans that you probably wouldn’t guess.



Actress Michelle Dockery revealed Beyonce told her she is a huge fan: “Laura Carmichael and I were at the Met Ball last year and Beyoncé told us she was a fan of the show. That was an amazing and strange experience. It’s overwhelming when people who you’ve watched and admired for years, and who you wouldn’t have ever dreamed of coming into contact with, come up to you to tell you how much they enjoy what you’re doing and how much they love Downton.”

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie loves the show and wishes she could be in it: “I am obsessed with ‘Downton Abbey.’ Totally, manically obsessed … I can’t really be on the show, I’m American, I’m very contemporary. So I’ve figured out a way to be on the show. I’m going to be on the show in photograph only. I’m going to be on a mantel, with a storyline … So my storyline is going to be that I’m Elizabeth McGovern’s dead sister who was killed at the Chicago World’s Fair by the famous serial killer.”

John Krasinski

John is hooked thanks to his British wife Emily Blunt: “I am watching Downton Abbey right now. It is more of a cultural study than a television show — because that is exactly how the Brits are in real life right? I think I was always secretly an Anglophile and now that I am married to a Brit, it is coming out more and more.”

Rod Stewart

Rod says he can’t get enough: “I’ve always enjoyed ‘Downton Abbey’ but my wife didn’t know much about it, so we recently went back to the beginning and watched it all again. It’s really intelligent storytelling. Our favorite character is Lady Mary.”

Sean Combs

Sean admits he is a super fan: “I’m a big fan of Downton Abbey. I kind of stumbled on it. I’m interested in history, kings and lords. I watched episode one and got wrapped up in it. I found out I had a crush on Lady Sybil. I watched it every week to see her pretty eyes and discovered the show was excellent. The writing is incredible and each character is such a great actor.”