5 Celebrities Who Use Their Fingers to Apply Makeup

Posted by tuan on July 19th, 2017

All you need to apply flawless makeup is already at your fingertips – quite literally according to these 5 celebrities. Finding using their hands to be a quick makeup application solution that also gives a great result, these stars have ditched fancy brushes and sponges in favour of applying makeup with their fingers, smoothing in products and creating a natural look. Finding a way to apply everything from concealer to shimmer with their fingers, these celebrities have spoken on this simply application method that they swear by.


  1. Jessica Alba

5 Celebrities Who Use Their Fingers to Apply Makeup_1

Jessica prefers when she can just use her hands to apply makeup: “My beauty regime has changed so much since becoming a mother. I’ve learned to multi-task and throw my look together in five minutes. I love makeup that I can apply with my finger tips, as it saves time.”

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