Jessica Alba on Eyebrows, Her Beauty Routine & Natural Ingredients


Jessica Alba has spoken on all things beauty, firstly commenting on her current favourite beauty trend which she says is a strong brow. The actress laments that during her younger years she sadly over-plucked her eyebrows and wishes they were thicker now. She explained that she does have that beauty regret:

”Right now I’m really into the brows. I feel like you can have nothing else on your face but a little concealer here and there and a strong brow. I’m always envious of girls who have [ones] that aren’t over-plucked because the 90s just ruined my brows. I’ve been on the mend ever since. And I for sure in the 2000s was still guilty of just making them as skinny as humanly possible.”

Sharing her daily beauty routine, Jessica says she uses just a few products to achieve a quick natural look she can wear fuss-free during the day and it only takes a few minutes to apply:

“My 5 to 10-minute beauty routine is: primer, tinted moisturizer, concealer, a little eyebrow filler, bronzer, cream blush, mascara and some type of lipstick.”

Jessica is the founder of the huge business The Honest Company and she explains that she has always loved products with natural ingredients. She comments that she made a particular effort to find natural products while pregnant:

“I discovered chamomile and calendula when I had Honor. They smell good and they take down inflammation. So we put a lot of that in our skincare. My grandmother loved aloe. Anytime I had anything wrong with me, she would come in with a green hand and smear it on me. I used to hate it as a kid, but now it’s a fond memory.”