Miranda Kerr’s Best Ever Beauty, Hair & Skin Tips


Australian model Miranda Kerr appears to have it all – a radiant complexion, glossy hair and an amazing figure. Constantly giving out her personal tips when it comes to maintaining her model good-looks, here is a look at some of Miranda’s best tips to date.  When it comes to skin, Miranda believes drinking plenty of water and using organic products such as Rosehip oil will keep your complexion in top condition. She said:

“Carry a water bottle wherever you go so that you remember to stay hydrated throughout the day. Use quality organic skincare on your skin as everything you put on your skin is absorbed into the body. Keep a spray mist handy so you can spritz when needed to keep skin hydrated. And finally, do not underestimate the importance of organic rosehip oil and eye gel.”

Speaking on her gorgeous chocolate brown hair, Miranda says she cares for her locks by creating her own hair mask once a week:

”Olive oil and lemon juice! At least once a week, I mix the two together and leave the mixture on my hair for as long as possible. It’s a home recipe my mother taught me and I have yet to find a better way to repair my split ends after a catwalk show.”

On maintaining her toned skin, Miranda says she works out regularly and is also a huge fan of body brushing which promotes better circulation throughout the body:

“I love body brushing! With a dry body brush, you brush your skin from your toes all the way up to your heart and then from your arms all the way in to your heart. It’s invigorating! I do it pretty much every day.”