5 Celebrities on Dealing With Their Sensitive Skin

Posted by tuan on November 7th, 2017

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Sensitive skin can be much more difficult to look after as it reacts to more products and breaks out easily – it can even be damaged if it’s not cared for correctly. These 5 stars say they all have sensitive skin and they’ve spoken on how they deal with it, from the best products they’ve used, to just their personally approach to protecting their skin with sunscreen and looking after it well, they’ve all found a way to look healthy and glowing despite their fussy skin type. 

  1. Amy Adams

Amy likes Neutrogena products and always uses SPF: “I don’t really buy into a lot of fads, partially because I have really sensitive skin. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t always go well. But I am a big SPF girl. I use Neutrogena a lot. They tend to be the best with sensitive skin.”

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