Zendaya on Makeup, Beauty & Embracing Her Natural Hair


Disney beauty Zendaya has become known for her experimental approach to beauty, as well as embracing her natural appearance. The singer and actress believes beauty can be fun but it’s important to have good self-esteem and to do makeup only because you want to, not because you feel you need to for other people. She explained:

“As long as you put on makeup and do those things for yourself, to impress yourself, because you love yourself, do whatever you want. It’s not because you need to impress somebody and not because you feel down about the way you look. As long as you’re doing it for yourself, do whatever you want. You can wear as much makeup as you want, as long as you are doing it for you, not because somebody told you you needed to put some makeup on.”

Commenting on embracing her naturally curled hair, Zendaya explains that although at first she wasn’t sure how to handle it, she did begin to embrace it as she grew up and saw that other people had the same hair texture as her:

“As I got older and my hair got bigger, I just let my hair out. I didn’t quite know how to handle it and deal with it, but I definitely started getting more confident with it. I also moved to a different school. I went to a public school in downtown Oakland where there were all types of people. I was friends with girls who had the same hair texture as me, and that’s when I kind of started embracing my hair a little bit more.”

She adds that applying makeup is a fun process for her and she enjoys figuring out how to wear certain products and how it can change how she looks:

“It’s fun to sit there and figure out what concealers are going to blend the right way, how do I add enough contour to where people can’t really tell that my face is contoured, but it’s just enough? What’s the perfect lip to wear so it looks a little red, but it looks like something from my skin? Should I use a tint? That stuff is fun. It’s supposed to be enjoyable.”