Jessica Wright’s Quick Makeup Application & Beauty Regrets


‘The Only Way is Essex’ reality star Jessica Wright has opened up on her makeup routine. Jessica says that on an average day, she’ll only spend around 15 minutes applying makeup and getting ready to go out. She says that she is so quick at applying it because she has become used to the techniques involved:

“On a normal day I can get ready in 15 minutes. I used to take ages but I think I’m so used to doing it and do it so often I take hardly any time at all.”

However, if she’s preparing for a night out she does like to put more effort in and says it takes longer to prepare, but if she was in a rush she thinks she could be ready to go out the door in “two minutes” if necessary. She commented:

”When getting ready for a night out I do take slightly longer. If I had to do it in a rush it would probably take half an hour. It’s all about the outfit for me, that’s what takes me the longest to decide on. My hair and make-up I can do in two minutes.”

Jessica says she has several makeup and fashion regrets from the past. She believes that she wasn’t always aware of what flattered her and made bad decisions but is learning from her mistakes now:

”They are probably from the early days when I didn’t know about strip lashes or contouring and hadn’t learnt the best make-up looks for me or how to apply things in the best way. In terms of outfits, where do I even begin! There have definitely been a few where I’ve thought, ‘What was I thinking?’ I personally think my look has changed a lot. I’ve ditched the bandage dresses and the orange face, well hopefully people think I have anyway!”