All Honkai: Star Rail Soundtracks – Listen and Explore!

Can’t get enough of Honkai: Star Rail’s captivating world but don’t have time to jump into the game? Here’s your chance to experience the game’s magic in a whole new way – through its incredible soundtrack!

Dive into the Honkai: Star Rail Soundtracks

A Symphony Through the Astral Plane

Honkai: Star Rail isn’t just about thrilling battles and captivating stories; it’s also about creating a truly immersive experience. The game’s soundtrack plays a vital role in this, offering a diverse collection of music that perfectly complements the serene environments and epic encounters.

The Honkai Star Rail soundtrack boasts a grand total of 50 tracks, each meticulously crafted by talented composers. This expansive collection is further divided into various albums, allowing you to discover specific themes and moods that resonate with you.

Honkai Star Rail Soundtracks
Image via HoYoverse
Album Name Songs
Of Snow and Ember Wildfire, A Trap with No Return, Embers, Streets Abuzz, Faded Sun, Godfather, Braving the Cold, Hearthfire, Blaze
Svah Sanishyu Samudrartha, Pedujara: Even Immortality Ends, Pedujara: Demiseless Existence, Pedujara: Ephemeral Cycle, Serene Stroll, Lustrous Moonlight, Thundering Chariot, Blade Abracadabra, Anthropic Domain
Take the Journey Take the Journey
Out of Control Space Walk, Star Rail, Crises, freeStyLE, Dawn of Disaster, Salty Moon
Experience the Paths Vol. 1 A Dramatic Irony, Death Approaches, Got a Date?, Heaven and Earth as a Chessboard, Swordward, The Jepella Rebellion, Star Chaser, Expert Tutorial, Fables About the Stars Part 1, Space Comedy
Astral Theater Aberrant Receptacle, Welcome to Aetherium Wars!, Coliseum of Victory, Battle! King of the Snowy Hill, Battle! Ultimate Champion, A Gentleman’s Fantasy, In Disbelief, Paean of Indulgence, Sleepwalking
Interstellar Journey Interstellar Journey, 星间旅行 (Interstellar Journey – Chinese version)
WHITE NIGHT WHITE NIGHT, 不眠之夜 (WHITE NIGHT – Chinese version), WHITE NIGHT – Japanese Ver., WHITE NIGHT – Korean Ver.

Finding these tracks is easy! Simply head over to the Spotify app and search for the “Honkai Star Rail Playlist.” This playlist features all 50 tracks, so you can listen to them all and add your favorites to your own playlists.

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Even without the game, the Honkai Star Rail soundtracks allow you to experience the world’s wonders and emotions. So, put on your headphones, hit play, and prepare to be transported to the Astral Express!