Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe World 9 Guide: Best Characters, Paths & How to Defeat

Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 brings a fresh challenge – World 9 of the Simulated Universe. This guide equips you to strategically overcome the formidable Memory Zone Meme Boss and claim victory.

Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe World 9 Guide

Understanding the Enemy

World 9 throws the formidable Memory Zone Meme Boss your way. This three-phase boss packs a punch with high damage output and a devastating burst attack. Here’s how to strategize:

  • Elemental Advantage: Exploit the boss’s weaknesses! Fire, Wind, and Imaginary attacks deal full damage, while Ice, Physical, Lightning, and Quantum are resisted by 20%.
  • Status Effects: The boss has a 50% resistance to Frozen and Entanglement, so focus on raw damage output.
  • Strategic Timing: Time your Path Resonance activations and ultimate attacks carefully to maximize damage and overcome tough situations.

Best Characters

  • Imbibitor Lunae (Imaginatory DPS): A powerhouse for World 9. His Imaginary damage shreds enemies, especially the Memory Zone Meme boss. His synergy with Hanabi’s basic attack stacking makes him a carry monster.

Simulated Universe World 9

  • Dr. Ratio (Limited Free Imaginary): This free gem shines with high Imaginary DPS and enemy debuff amplification. He excels at taking down bosses quickly before their ultimate attacks. A reliable damage dealer and speedster for the Hunt path.
  • Luocha (Imaginary Healer): His ATK-based healing makes him ideal for the Memory Zone Meme boss fight. His ultimate offers both AoE damage (great for Imaginary-weak enemies) and buff removal, crucial for mitigating the boss’s stacked effects.

Best Paths

  • The Hunt Path (CRIT Focus): Ideal for critical-hit focused teams. It grants significant CRIT buffs, boosting overall damage and speeding up boss fights.
  • The Abundance Path (Support Focus): If you lack a cleanser like Luocha, this path is a lifesaver. Its Resonance Formation: Annica provides a crucial cleanse to counter the boss’s crowd control effects.

Other choices:

  • Preservation Path: Ideal for Gepard players, bolstering their survivability against the World 9 boss.
  • Elation Path: A boon for those relying on Clara and Jing Yuan’s devastating AoE follow-up damage.
  • Propagation Path: New to 2.1, this path empowers characters like Imbibitor Lunae and Qingque to unleash their full burst damage potential.

Conquering Each Phase

To conquer this boss, you’ll need a well-coordinated team and a strategic approach. Here are some key points to remember:

Phase 1: Sunset State

This opening phase emphasizes the importance of Weakness Break. Focus on countering the deadly Morbid Dream debuff to gain an early advantage. Careful timing of your attacks will be crucial for dispelling the debuff and keeping your team healthy.

Phase 2: Nightfall State

As you enter the Nightfall State, the strategy shifts. Here, the boss’s defenses weaken, presenting an opportunity. However, Morbid Dream remains a threat. Strong team coordination and high damage output are essential to overcome this phase before the debuff takes its toll.

Phase 3: Defeating Sombrous Sepulchers

The final phase throws a curveball: Sombrous Sepulchers.  Your priority in this phase is to eliminate them while maintaining control of the battlefield. This will allow you to revive your fallen comrades and ultimately claim victory.

Simulated Universe World 9 demands adaptability and strategic teamwork. By understanding the boss’s mechanics and implementing these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to conquering this challenge in Honkai: Star Rail!