”You eat where you poop?” | Kourtney Kardashian makes her fans feel “disgusting” when she leaves food on…the lid of the toilet

Fans recently criticized Kourtney Kardashian for posting pictures of herself in the bathroom with plates of food all over the place and even food on the toilet lid.

Fans find it “disgusting” when Kourtney Kardashian leaves food on…the lid of the toilet

On Monday, the 43-year-old reality star posted a photo dump to Instagram, which included a shot of a bathroom with many plates of food strewn across the floor and the lid of the toilet.

Her 216 million followers were quick to react to the image, shocked that she would eat so close to her toilet.

As the comments section became inundated with outraged fans calling the photo “nasty,” Kourtney felt compelled to respond.

The mother-of-three posted the photo to her Instagram Story alongside the caption “the comments about this photo,” followed by a series of spiral eyes emojis, implying that she was perplexed by the criticism but not affected by it.

Kourtney also addressed a comment from family friend Stephanie Shepherd, who said, “I love fitting days” in the midst of a sea of negative feedback.

The actress was thrilled to see such a positive review and quickly replied: ‘@steph_shep my supportive friend hiding in that corner bringing good vibrations.’

Some fans, however, did not hold back their disgust, writing things like “Food on the toilet, that’s nasty.”

Another person chimed in, “Eating in the restroom is a bad idea.” And someone else agreed, saying “Food on the commode and bathroom floor, no ma’am.”

”You eat where you poop?” someone else wondered.

Kourtney also included a photo from the photoshoot set where the bathroom image was taken, which was shot by Ellen von Unwerth.

The original photo showed the star and her 47-year-old husband, Travis Barker, sitting in the tub while they dined on burgers and champagne.

Kourtney was also photographed eating pizza while sitting on top of a table while naked (other than her black hoodie) in keeping with the theme of food.

In another scene, we see her taking a relaxing bath while wearing her wedding and engagement rings.

Another photo appeared to show a blonde Kourtney drinking water from the sink while dressed in a pink and black lace ensemble.

There was also a monochrome image of her wearing a black lace dress with long sleeves.

Another of Kourtney’s random photos shows her posing in a silvery gown from behind.

The mother of three also posted a photo of herself wearing black velour leggings with silver rhinestones.