Yanet Garcia, the charmingest weather girl in the world, reveals her workout routine and nutritional secrets

(Source: Instagram/@iamyanetgarcia)

There’s a good reason why Yanet Garcia is considered the sexiest woman on the planet…Let’s go farther down the page for the solution.

Yanet Garcia, the world’s hottest weather girl, reveals her workout routine in order to maintain her flawless physique

The Mexican TV hostess has a reputation for being absolutely attractive.

She has amassed 14.8 million followers on Instagram, where she often posts photos of her enviable figure.

We can now see where Yanet Garcia obtained the title of “world’s hottest weather girl” thanks to a post she made to her Instagram admirers in which she explained the secrets to her stunning body.

She said that “Many people believe that it really doesn’t matter where your calories come from.”

“As long as you limit your intake, you should be fine.”

“But it’s not that simple, or everyone would be thin and healthy, right?”

(Source: Instagram/@iamyanetgarcia)

Yanet suggested that people not worry about calorie tracking while making meal plans, as she herself does not.

She asserted that your body would not have a distinct reaction to various foods despite their caloric content.

She went on to say that if you consumeĀ “1,000 calories of fizzy drinks and 1,000 calories of broccoli will release the same amount of energy.”

“But when you add the carbonated beverage or the broccoli, everything changes. Your metabolism must work to break these down.”

According to the forecaster, your blood sugar will jump after drinking fizzy drinks, but it will return to normal after eating broccoli.

She cautioned, however, that one must use caution in all dietary matters.

“Same calories-profoundly different effects on your body,” she said.

“A study demonstrated that counting calories isn’t the key to losing weight and the key is to eat more whole foods.”

Yanet included a photo of herself blending berries, almonds, and spinach into a smoothie with the article.

(Source: Instagram/@iamyanetgarcia)

Fans were quick to respond to her lengthy post with comments and likes after she published it.

“I’d like to compliment your “beautiful smile.”

The first person responded, “Very healthy,” while the next one said, “You look so cute in this photo.”