Wild Arena Survivors – Best Survivor Tier List (September 2022)

The concept of specialized heroes known as Survivors is one of the most important aspects of Wild Arena Survivors. There are a total of ten Survivors, each with their own appearance and playstyle. In this Wild Arena Survivors Tier List, we look at the Survivors and analyze which ones provide that extra advantage.

Wild Arena Survivors – Best Survivor Tier List (September 2022)

All Survivors will be classified into three categories: S, A, and B. The S tier contains extremely powerful Survivors who are also well-balanced for gameplay, followed by fairly strong Survivors in the A tier and fairly mediocre ones at the bottom.

Tier Survivors
Strong (S) Poisoner (Malice)
Tactician (Ikari)
Good (A) Berserker (Giallo)
Enforcer (Crush)
Leecher (Lazarus)
Soldier (Buck)
Stunner (Hoax)
Average (B) Rogue (SGT. Seung)
Tank (Angus)
Trapper (Sadov)

Best Meta Survivors

The best Survivors to use are well-balanced for different ranges, making them versatile and difficult to counter. We’ve chosen a few of the Survivors in the game that are worth using and upgrading.

Soldier (Buck)Wild Arena Survivors Tier List 1

The Soldier, while not an S-Tier Survivor, is still a very good option. He is a well-rounded fighter who uses a Shotgun for close-range combat and an Assault Rifle for medium/long range combat. Buck is versatile, has good HP, and can hit hard with his weapons. This Survivor is ideal for new players.

Tactician (Ikari)Wild Arena Survivors Tier List 2

This Survivor carries both an Assault Rifle and a Katana for close-range combat, making it a versatile fighter. What distinguishes it is the additional skill, which is described as “increases your damages for each Survivor killed.” Ikari is ideal for those who enjoy playing an aggressive game. He will literally grow stronger as the match progresses!

Poisoner (Malice)

Malice has a handy Bow for long-range combat as well as a traditional Assault Rifle. She is a versatile fighter who can adapt to different stages of a fight. This posioner also has a special skill that says “Enemies are slowed for each poison stack they suffer.” As bullets strike, enemies slow down to the point where they are practically motionless. That’s when she whips out the Assault Rifle and shoots them.