Shatterline Tier List Best PvP & PvE Characters

Our Shatterline tier list breaks down the best characters in the game at this early stage, whether you play PvP or PvE.

Shatterline Tier List – PvP

S Tier

Orbit excels because of his spy drone, which flies around and captures any enemies it sees while highlighting them through walls. If it is destroyed, it deals damage to any nearby enemies and serves as a distraction for enemies, allowing Orbit to engage in gunfights unopposed.

Shatterline Tier List PvP

He also has the swarm grenade, which when it explodes summons a swarm of homing insects that target any nearby players.

His ultimate is crystalline injection. When activated within touching distance of an enemy, it will impale them for an instant kill. Furthermore, it provides a large amount of armour, boosting your health, so if you’re in a pinch, you can simply use it for healing. The only disadvantage is that you cannot sprint while the ult is active.

A Tier


Strix has the ability to kick down specific marked doors on each map and send moving objects a long distance. Strix’s Wall Grenade allows you to create the perfect size barrier to shoot over. Crystal Grenade, on the other hand, allows you to create a small area of red crystals that slows down and damages all enemies caught in the blast.

The reason Strix is unstoppable is because of her ult. The M.556 Volcano is a “high speed six-barrel heavy machine gun” that completely destroys enemies and is frightfully accurate even at a distance.


Shatterline Tier List PvP 2

Due to his rapid health regeneration, Mongoose is the closest to a typical soldier. The R40 Supersling is his main selling point. It’s a 40mm grenade launcher that’s great for driving enemies away from the target or launching them into a choke point with enemies funneling through.

Mongoose’s play style isn’t groundbreaking, but he has the most familiar gameplay and is thus very well-rounded.

B Tier


Shatterline Tier List PvP 3

Her ultimate healing station, which offers a sizable space for teammates to stand inside and heal, is the most practical ability. Additionally, it offers a 20% reduction in incoming damage to anyone inside.

Malva instantly restores full health to any characters she revives. The only drawback is that respawn times in most PvP modes aren’t very long, so reviving isn’t always worth it, and the animation to exit the revive takes a few seconds longer than is really necessary.


Brisa is the first Recon character to be introduced. These folks only have one passive ability, which allows them to climb any walls with glowing arrows using a climbing hook. This opens up a number of other routes and maneuverability options that other players cannot access without moving a crate or vehicle nearby to lift themselves up.

Her ultimate weapon, the crystalline rifle, is a bolt-action sniper rifle with a one-hit kill guarantee. What distinguishes it is the ammo, which has a slight blast as it travels through the air and will catch enemies who are almost in the middle of your crosshair but not quite.


Shatterline Tier List PvP 4

Ram appears to be the most enjoyable to play. His throwing axe is his grenade, and while it’s very satisfying to one-hit kill enemies with it, hitting fast-moving enemies from any distance is difficult.

Ram’s other ability is gravity strike, which is fun to use as you yeet enemies off into the distance, but it’s very finicky. You must be about the same distance away from the target as an effective shotgun blast.

Ram’s ultimate, Hyperdash, is essentially a jetpack that allows him to soar through the skies and land with a devastating impact wherever he lands. However, you won’t be able to use it to its full potential because enemies will pull you out of the air if you fly for too long.

C Tier


Pill, the other Support character, is currently the only operative in our C tier. The full health revival aspect is still useful, and instead of throwing down medkits, Pill has a med drone that will automatically seek out a fallen ally to revive.

His ultimate, the crystalline shotgun, is also one of the weakest weapons in the game because, despite being automatic, it still only has a shotgun’s short range. If you prefer a run-and-gun style of play, Pill may be a better choice than Malva because he is slightly more aggressive.

D Tier


Kite is at the bottom of the list because everything this balaclava-wearing Brit has to offer is underwhelming. In fact, his best advantage is the ability to scale higher walls, which Brisa also possesses. His mini wall grenade, a scaled-down version of Strix’s ability, gets things started. It’s useful in a pinch, but it’s far from ideal for blocking off paths and routes in objective modes.

His ultimate weapon is the crystalline revolver, which has a one-hit kill rate and leaves a trail of lethal energy along its path. However, because it is not a hitscan weapon, you must take into account where your target will be if you are firing at them from a distance.

Shatterline Tier List – PvE

S Tier

Malva is the best of the best in PvE mode because expeditions can become extremely difficult if the contamination level rises too high or you don’t work as a cohesive team. A capable healer is essential, so whoever is playing Malva should be dishing out medkits left, right, and center, while strategically positioning her healing station wherever players need it the most.

Strix is also an excellent offensive character in PvE because she deals well with large groups of enemies. Her wall grenade and crystalline grenade can easily slow down approaching enemies. Her minigun is the best weapon for dealing with groups of even tougher enemies, as it annihilates them with ease. In PvE, there are a number of hidden supply drops behind doors that must be kicked down by an Exo character, so Strix comes in handy there as well.

A Tier

PvE is where Pill shines. Due to enemies charging at you and getting closer, his shotgun ultimate is more potent. With the medical drone, Pill can revive any fallen allies. His stasis field grenades are also more effective because the adversaries appear to be frozen in place, stopping them in their tracks.

Due to his simplicity, Mongoose is the strongest character here. His smoke grenade serves as cover for you to avoid any enemies you’re finding difficult to defeat or it can serve as a distraction, and his frag grenade clears groups of enemies.

B Tier

Brisa’s ultimate sniper rifle still packs a punch, and activating the collateral effect is much easier with enemies packed in close together. Her tactical cloak, on the other hand, is effectively completely invisible to AI foes, so you can use it to either flank behind your squad or hightail it out of a sticky situation. If you see enemies charging at you and need to slow them down, use the glass mine. You’ll also find some extra loot in areas only Recon characters can access, so that skill comes in handy.

Ram is roughly the same here as it is in PvP. Because AI enemies move in predictable patterns, connecting throwing axes with enemy heads is much easier. Hyperdash is much better for theatrics and multikills. The exo kick, like Strix, is an added bonus for more loot.

C Tier

Orbit is undoubtedly the best PvP character, but he is significantly less helpful in PvE. Due to AI opponents’ lack of stealth and strategic play, his spy drone is completely useless. His swarm grenade works well, but it moves a little slowly. Since you should ideally be shooting enemies before they reach the spikes, the crystalline injection is far more helpful for preventing death than for actually killing someone.

D Tier

There are numerous factors that contribute to Kite’s low ranking. While his remote mine is easier to get kills with as you throw it into a big group and detonate it, there’s no reason you can’t do that with Mongoose’s frag grenades. His mini wall grenade is also much less effective than Strix’s. Because enemies will frequently be struck by the residue crystalline effect, the crystalline revolver is at least marginally useful, but it’s not worthwhile choosing him for it.