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Why Building 21 is inaccessible in DMZ ?

In spite of the fact that you found the key to Building 21 in DMZ, it is still inaccessible. Is this situation happening for a reason?

Why Building 21 is inaccessible in DMZ ?

DMZ Building 21 inaccessibleNothing is more frustrating than teaming up for some DMZ games in the hopes of obtaining some of Building 21’s sweet, sweet loot only to discover that it is not currently available in-game. Not having access to all of the CoD content you want to play at any given time is pretty annoying. The same problem occurs when specific battle royale playlists for Warzone 2 or multiplayer playlists for MW2 are added and removed from the game.

Similar rules apply to the DMZ, with the exception of the brief window of time when Building 21 is accessible. Even though Infinity Ward and Activision haven’t said it out loud, players have begun to notice that Building 21 is only accessible on the weekends. This pattern has been present for a few weeks.

Every weekend, Infinity Ward’s Twitter account posts when Building 21 is open and when it is not. The tweets were posted on Friday and Monday, respectively, implying that Building 21 opens on Friday and closes on Monday afternoon. This simply means that Building 21 is inaccessible from Monday afternoon to Friday afternoon, making it a weekend-only location. It resembles the Trials of Osiris competitive playlist in Destiny 2.

DMZ players should probably save their best gear for the weekends and head into Building 21 every Friday, but make sure to finish everything before Monday or be forced to wait several days again.

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