Where to Find Boss Towers and Catch Their Powerful Pals in Palworld

The vast world of Palworld beckons adventurers, but true tests of your mettle await in the form of formidable bosses guarding majestic towers. Here’s your comprehensive guide to conquering every Boss Tower and potentially adding these legendary Pals to your roster!

Where to Find Boss Towers in Palworld

Scattered across the diverse biomes of Palworld, each boss tower presents a unique challenge. For those seeking a strategic approach, tackling them in a specific order is recommended, as difficulty and enemy levels generally increase with each conquest. Here’s a map to guide you:

Tower Coordinates Region Climate Boss Opponents Pal Type Pal Weakness
Tower of Rayne Syndicate 110, -431 Temperate Zoe and Grizzbolt Electric Ground and Ice
Free Pal Alliance Tower 184, 27 Cold Lily and Lyleen Grass Fire
Eternal Pyre Tower -584, -514 Hot Axel and Orserk Electric and Dragon Ground and Ice
Tower of the PIDF 558, 338 Hot Marcus and Faleris Fire Water
PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower -150, 440 Cold Victor and Shadowbeak Dark Dragon

Remember: Prepare accordingly! Each region presents its own environmental challenges. Craft heat-resistant and cold-resistant armor to ensure your comfort and survival.

How to Catch Tower Pals

While catching Pals in boss towers isn’t officially intended, a curious glitch in the early access version allows you to do so. Here’s how it works (use with caution, as it might be patched in future updates):

  1. Mark a point near a tower and another near a settlement with guards (like Small Settlement or Duneshelter).
  2. Provoke a guard in the settlement, then quickly fast travel to the chosen tower.
  3. The guards will teleport to the tower, engaging the boss in a chaotic battle.
  4. Avoid the boss’s attacks and wait for it to focus on the guards. This is your chance! Throw any Pal Sphere, and the glitch will let you capture the elite Pal, ending the encounter and granting you a powerful ally.

palworld towers
Remember, you can still catch the boss Pals the “normal” way! Each boss has a corresponding Wildlife Sanctuary, a strange-looking island located in the corners of the map. Track them down and prove your mettle in a fair fight to earn their respect and companionship.

With knowledge and a touch of cunning, you can navigate the treacherous boss towers of Palworld and claim the ultimate prize: a powerful new ally. Remember, preparation is key, so choose your battles wisely and equip yourself for the challenges ahead. May your Pal-team flourish, and your journey through Palworld be filled with thrilling victories!