Palworld Pals Won’t Stop Fighting? Here’s How to Fix the Annoying Combat Mode Bug

Ever walk into your Palworld base to find your loyal companions stuck in an aggressive stance, ignoring their assigned tasks and generally throwing a tantrum? You’re not alone. A recent bug has been plaguing players, leaving their Pals permanently stuck in combat mode.

How to Fix the Combat Mode Bug in Palworld

The bug causing this mayhem throws your Pals into a permanent combat state, preventing them from working. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially as your base relies on their labor. But worry not, for solutions await!

Option 1: Sound the Alarm!

The Alarm Bell, unlocked at level 4, is your first line of defense. Crafted with 20 Stone and 5 Paldium Fragments, this handy device toggles your Pals’ status between “attack” and “work.” Simply activate it to ensure your base is focused on productivity, not imaginary battles.

Option 2: Lure a Distraction

Reddit user ingenuity comes to the rescue! If the Alarm Bell fails, try this clever trick:

  1. Find a wild Pal: Lure any wild creature into your sights.
  2. Lead the charge: Guide the wild Pal back to your base.
  3. Let the battle commence: Allow your base Pals to engage and defeat the wild visitor.

palworld Combat Mode Bug
This “combat reset” should jolt your Pals back to their senses, leaving them free to resume their duties.

To avoid future combat lockouts, remember this golden rule: never quit during raids or other combat events. Finish the encounter first, then log out knowing your Pals will be waiting peacefully (and productively) upon your return.

So there you have it, tamers! With these solutions and preventive measures, your Palworld base will be running smoothly in no time. Now get out there and build, explore, and conquer, with your loyal Pals by your side (and not stuck in combat mode)!