Where has VALORANT player Flights been for the past 11 months?

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Fans have been wondering what happened to Flights, a popular and successful YouTuber and streamer, for about a year now.

Where has VALORANT player Flights been for the past 11 months?

Since the early days of Valorant’s closed beta, Dykes has been known by his in-game name (IGN), Flights. The streamer became famous for his Raze plays, in which he dispatched waves of enemies with her ultimate and zipped around the map with her Blast Packs. His videos became mandatory viewing for aspiring Raze mains who wanted to learn how to maximize the character’s utility.

Due to his immense popularity, fans noticed immediately when Flights stopped posting videos to YouTube over the past year. The last video he posted to YouTube was on May 24th, 2022, and his last tweet was on March 23rd, 2022, complaining about how the Raze nerf had rendered her “unplayable.”

However, the streamer has appeared on the broadcasts of other streamers, such as NRG Esports’ Chris “Flexninja” Irvine. Flexninja says on stream while playing a Valorant deathmatch, “You don’t have to post, you’re f*cking Flights, you’re Flights,” to which Flights responds, “I don’t like […] I wanna post you know.” “Have you not been enjoying Valorant?” Flex asks, to which he replies, “No, not really.” Since then, the streamer has taken part in a charity event hosted by Double Peek in January of this year, in which he competed alongside other streamers and content creators.

Flights seems to have lost interest in the game ever since the nerfs to Raze were implemented. There’s no telling if Flights has found a new hobby he enjoys more than streaming Valorant, but if his recent Twitter profile picture is any indication, it looks like he’s taken up combat sports.


Valorant is a free-to-play first-person tactical hero shooter for Windows developed and published by Riot Games. In October 2019, the game was teased as Project A, and it began a closed beta period with limited access on April 7, 2020, followed by a release on June 2, 2020. The game’s development began in 2014. Valorant is inspired by the tactical shooter series Counter-Strike, borrowing several mechanics such as the buy menu, spray patterns, and inaccuracy while moving.