What to Know About Skincare and Sun Exposure On Your Next Yacht Vacation

Posted by admin on January 30th, 2021

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The topic of skincare has been a prominent conversation over the last decade. From skincare regimens to clean products, Vitamin D to moisturizer, it is important that you find a routine that works for you. As you learn about the nuances of your skin, it is important that you find a balance to ensure that you are helping your skin and not harming it.  In this article, we will share more details about sunlight, skincare, and how to look hydrated on your next yachting vacation.

Do I Need to Wear Sunscreen Everyday?

Many women have a predicament about wearing sunscreen. Since Vitamin D is so beneficial to the immune system and the overall functioning of the body, it is important to get at least 15 minutes a day of sunlight that is not prohibited by sunscreen. Many people have a hard time believing this fact because of the damage that UV rays can have on skin health. In most cases, just fifteen minutes of direct sunlight will have immensely more benefits than harmful consequences.

After you receive 15 minutes of sun exposure, apply sunscreen. Since you will be absorbing sun from the surface of the yacht each day, it is important that you choose a sunscreen that is made with clean ingredients, and is lightweight, protective, and easy to apply.

What Are the Important Parts of a Skincare Regimen During a Summer Vacation?

When you are packing for your trip on a luxury yacht, it is crucial that you only pack the items that you need to keep your skin hydrated and toned. When you can, pack travel-sized products that can fit easily into your luggage. Make sure to pack a high SPF that will protect your skin throughout the day. Next, remember to bring a makeup remover and strong cleansing gel that can eliminate dirt, moisturizer, and makeup after a long day. Bring an aloe-infused hydrated moisturizer that can enhance skin and increase brightness.

Preparing Your Skin for a Yacht Trip

If you love the water and are constantly looking for an excuse to be on the boat, consider owning a luxury yacht. You can take these yachts out regularly to nearby harbors and ports that are absolutely incredible. When you spend time on the water, you get to explore the country in unique ways. With more time being spent outdoors on your boat, you must ensure that you prepare your skin well. In addition to direct sunlight, UV rays often can reflect off the surface of the water, increasing your likelihood of getting burnt. Although it is important to absorb Vitamin D and get regular sunshine, it is equally as important that you protect your skin from dangerous rays. 


Before spending time on the water, invest in products that will help your skin stay healthy and hydrated. When you take your yacht out on the water, wear products that will protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Take the time to balance the amount of Vitamin D you absorb without harming your skin.

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