Skin Care In Chilly Season

As it’s time for season changing, your skin also starts to face sudden changes in temperature, humidity…, which cause the skin to lose its balance, begin to peel and becomes dry.

Your skin could be seriously damaged with just small agents like the sunlight, diet…. Making ladies even more concerned is that all the signs of age are “shown” on the face. By combining these following tips, you can easily forget the nightmare of a dry skin in this chilly season.

Drink enough water

Supply your body with enough water in these chilly days

Accounting for 70% of human body, water is an essential element to “operate” the body. It is not only an important part for the health but also a “magical drug” that is the most quickly and simplest way to help your skin look more beautiful.

Lacking of water, your skin will age faster and easily become dry, cracked and rough. Moreover, lacking of water also causes your body unable to eliminate toxins and clog your pores – this is the perpetrator of acnes. Therefore, in these dry days, you need to supply your body with enough water (about 1.5 to 2 liters) so that to get a bright and lively skin.

Ensure a reasonable and nutritious diet

Maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet to regenerate a beautiful and energetic skin from a rough skin

A full and nutritious diet is not only a foundation to supply essential energy to maintain your health, but also affects positively to the skin.

So, to maintain a healthy skin this these chilly days, you need to add in your diet more vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, B, E, A, iron, zinc, calcium and omega acid 3 such as broccoli, pumpkin, cabbage, carrots, pineapple and other water-rich fruits.

Supplement vitamins to your body with plant ovule

A new formula used by numerous of famous beauties is skin rejuvenation injection from plant embryo

Only using external cream is not enough, so you need to improve your health and your skin from inside out. And a new formula used by numerous of famous beauties is skin rejuvenation injection from plant embryo. This is a skin rejuvenation technology studied by Swiss scientists with 100% extracted from rare plant embryo, absolutely no cosmetic use and directly brought into body via veins. This method will help remove old cells, inhibit the activity of melanin to prevent the development of hyperpigmentation phenomenon and promote the formation of collagen fibers, making skin look white, bright and even in color. Skin cells will be nourished from deep inside. This method also helps lengthen your sleep, reduce stress, balance female hormones and increase libido.