Valorant Episode 9 Act 1: Release Date, Battle Pass, New Skins & Rewards

Episode 9 Act 1 is on the horizon, bringing a fresh wave of content and challenges to the tactical shooter. Here’s what you need to know about the release date and what to expect in the new season.

Valorant Episode 9 Act 1 Battle Pass

The Episode 9 Act 1 Battle Pass launched on June 26, 2024, and costs 1,000 VP (Valorant Points), which is roughly $10. As usual, there’s also a free tier with some goodies. Here’s what you can get for free:

Free Tier Rewards

  • Bubble Pop Classic
  • That’s Terrifying Spray
  • Tanghulu Gun Buddy
  • Dream Bubble Card
  • Epilogue: Bot Means Business Card

Battle Pass Skins

The Episode 9 Act 1 Battle Pass features three distinct skinlines: Bubble Pop, Bumble Brigade, and Convergence.

  • Bubble Pop Skinline
    • Classic
    • Guardian
    • Judge
    • Vandal
    • Melee
  • Bumble Brigade Skinline
    • Ghost
    • Ares
    • Judge
    • Bulldog
  • Convergence Skinline
    • Frenzy
    • Marshal
    • Phantom
    • Stinger

Player Cards

  • Bot Means Business
  • Bubble Pop
  • Bumble Brigade
  • Convergence
  • Deadlock
  • Death’s Worst Enemies
  • Dream Bubble
  • Epilogue: Bot Means Business
  • Home Again Viper
  • In Bloom
  • Lost and Found
  • Sonic Sensor Schema
  • TactiSummer
Valorant Episode 9 Act 1
Image via Riot Games


  • Prowler Pop
  • That’s Terrifying
  • Blinded Again
  • Dream Squad
  • Guns On Me
  • Power of Five
  • We Did It Team
  • Cover Me
  • Let Me Out
  • Gotta One Tap
  • Ultimate Shame
  • Bumble Brigade
  • Convergence
  • Aint My Time

Gun Buddies

  1. Brimsicle
  2. Melondramatic
  3. Tanghulu
  4. Chasing Clouds
  5. Bumble Brigade
  6. Coin EP9 A1
  7. Bubble Pop
  8. Convergence
  9. Mini Espresso
Image via Riot Games

Traditionally, new Acts in Valorant come with more than just cosmetics and rank resets. Previous updates have introduced new maps, agents, and significant gameplay changes. Whether Episode 9 Act 1 shakes things up in those ways remains to be seen, but the anticipation is certainly building.

When Does Valorant Episode 9 Act 1 Release?

Mark your calendars! Patch 9.0, ushering in Episode 9 Act 1, arrives on June 25th, following the conclusion of the current battle pass. Expect regional maintenance windows during these times:

  • North America: June 25, 2PM-4PM PT
  • Brazil: June 25, 7PM-9PM BRT
  • Europe: June 25, 10PM-12AM GMT
  • Asia Pacific: June 26, 3AM-5AM IST
  • Korea: June 26, 8AM-10AM KST

Servers will be down during maintenance, but once the update is complete, you can jump back in and experience the new content.

With just a few days left until launch, it’s time to polish your skills and theorycraft new strategies. Episode 9 Act 1 promises to be an exciting new chapter in Valorant, so be sure to mark your calendars for June 25th and prepare to dominate the battlefield!