Valorant PS5 Trophy List Leaked: No Platinum, But Plenty of Challenges Await

A recent leak has unveiled the trophy list for the PS5 version of Valorant, giving players a glimpse of the challenges that await them.

Valorant PS5 Trophy List Leaked: No Platinum, But Plenty of Challenges Await

While the official release date for Valorant on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S remains TBA, the leaked trophy list (courtesy of PSN Profiles) sheds light on the types of achievements players will be striving for.

One notable detail is the absence of a Platinum trophy. This might come as a disappointment for completionist players who enjoy collecting the highest tier trophies. However, there are still 16 trophies to earn, offering a range of challenges for both casual and dedicated Valorant players:

  • Take control – Use your abilities 4,000 times
  • Time for a field test – Use your abilities 2,000 times
  • That’s going to leave a scar – Deal 250,000 Damage
  • Must I do everything? – Get an Ace
  • Right between the eyes – Get 300 Headshots
  • Five in, five out – Get a Flawless
  • Looks like I got a little carried away – Deal 500,000 Damage
  • And that’s how it gets done! – Win 1 Game
  • You want to play? Let’s play – Use your Ultimate 300 times
  • I’m built different – Earn a Clutch
  • Next time we’ll use wooden sticks! – Get a Thrifty
  • Who’s next? – Get 1 Kill
  • Here comes the party! – Use your ultimate 125 times
  • Beep beep beep, enough of that – Successfully defuse a Spike with less than a second remaining
  • They’re super dead! – Get 1,000 Headshots
  • I know exactly where you are – Get 10 Wallbang Kills
Valorant PS5 Trophy List
Image via Riot Games

It’s important to remember that this is a leaked list, and the final trophy list might differ upon official release. However, it still provides a valuable glimpse into what players can expect from the trophy system in Valorant’s PS5 version.

With the beta underway and the leaked trophy list generating discussion, it’s likely that more details about Valorant’s console experience will emerge soon. Stay tuned for official announcements from Riot Games regarding the final trophy list, release date, and any other exciting aspects of bringing Valorant to a new generation of players.