What is the Orion Camo Glitch in MW2?

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In this article, we’ll go over the most recent MW2 glitch, which allows players to get any weapon camo they want for free, including the Orion mastery camo.

What is the Orion Camo Glitch in MW2?

Before we get into the latest glitch, we will not go over the exact process. This article will explain in general terms how some players are succeeding, and readers can always find more detailed explanations. There are already numerous videos showing the process. Because this isn’t a full unlock, it’s less of a global and vexing bug for those who are still grinding. And hopefully it will be patched soon.

This glitch involves the new Groups feature. Searching for groups that are all employing the same exploit is possible within social. Players only join these groups in order to copy other players in the group’s displayed weapons.MW2 Orion Camo GlitchSome players with Orion camo are showing a weapon with mastery camo on their social operator. Anyone can then use the blueprint to copy the weapon and add it to their own loadout. This multiplies the number of players who can have the mastery camo in their displayed weapon slot, and thus the number of players who can copy it. However, there is one major stumbling block to the glitch.

Orion is only compatible with the weapon that was copied. You’ll still have to finish the entire camo grind to obtain the mastery camo, so it won’t technically be unlocked. You can still use this method to test out store blueprints or basic loadouts if you don’t care about the mastery camo, though. No matter what, don’t count on it lasting for very long.

UPDATE: Infinity Ward has now fixed the bug that allowed fans to clone the showcase weapons and camos of other players! Any previously cloned loadouts, on the other hand, appear to remain in your inventory.