What Book Should You Give Magdalene in Pentiment?

Do you recall the book you gave to Claus’ daughter, Magdalene, in Pentiment ? Do different types of books have different effects on her? Check out our answer below.

What Book Should You Give Magdalene in Pentiment?

It’s been a long seven years. Andreas fled Tassing in the aftermath of his accusation. His past has undoubtedly weighed heavily on him, and he returns to Tassing not in everyone’s good graces.

Claus Druckers, Tassing’s printer and, once upon a time, one of Andreas’ closest friends in town, is among those who have grown cold towards Andreas. Claus’ wife and young son died while Andreas was away. He is now alone with his little daughter, the golden-haired Magdalene.Pentiment Magdalene bookWhat about Andreas? Andreas ignored Claus’s series of letters informing him of his wife’s death. Andreas doesn’t have much reason to do so, aside from his deep sadness over the events in Tassing and his life. But when Father Gernot invites Andreas to the library to choose a book for purchase, Andreas is determined to make amends with the bereaved Claus by purchasing a book for Magdalene.

There are numerous specialties to choose from. From theology to animals and herbs, Latin, printmaking, and languages, there’s something for everyone. These books (minor spoilers) will influence Magdalene’s interests as she grows older and will aid in the repair of Claus and Andreas’ broken relationship. So choose a novel that you believe will truly benefit a young girl born into Tassing, surrounded by the events that Andreas had to untangle.

Pentiment is available now for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11 PC, and Steam.

About Pentiment

Pentiment game cover art.jpg
Developer(s) Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher(s) Xbox Game Studios
Director(s) Josh Sawyer
Producer(s) Alec Frey
Artist(s) Hannah Kennedy
Composer(s) Alkemie Early Music Ensemble
  • Windows
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S
Release November 15, 2022
Genre(s) Adventure, role-playing
Mode(s) Single-player