Warzone 2 – When will the Birdseye perk come back?

Birdseye perk Warzone 2 Birdseye has been taken out of all Warzone 2 perk packages, leaving players confused and wondering when it will come back. 

When will the Birdseye perk come back in Warzone 2?

Raven Software has stated that Birdseye “has been disabled in Battle Royale until further notice while we balance it for future implementation into customizable Perk Packages,” but no timeline has been provided for when the perk will be made available again.

Despite being a highly anticipated sequel, players were left without the option to personalize their perks when Warzone 2 was released in November. Instead, to keep things balanced, players select from a variety of pre-made perk bundles. However, Birdseye’s power was not like that at all.

Birdseye in Warzone 2 reveals the direction of enemy players on UAV and radar pings, and the perk also works whenever any player in the lobby uses a UAV, so teams don’t even need to get their own UAV to take advantage of Birdseye’s benefits.

It was undeniably a bit overpowered for Raven to come out and disable the perk and admit it needs work. There is a card on the Warzone 2 Trello board detailing the removal of the perk, where players can track its progress. Currently, it is categorized as “Issues.”

In the Recon perk package, Birdseye was replaced by Survivor. Survivor pings enemies only when they take you down. It also allows friendly teammates to revive you faster.

The second season of Warzone 2 will introduce customizable perk packages on February 15, allowing players to choose which group of perks to use in a loadout. Most likely, this is the earliest Birdseye could return, but it could be much later before a suitable balance point is found.

That’s all we know about the disabled Birdseye perk and when it’ll be available again in Warzone 2.