Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown Guide – Beginners tips & tricks

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Volzerk Beginners tips

In this guide, we will go over some beginners tips and tricks to help you get started on Volzerk and then progress through the game.

Volzerk Guide – Beginners tips & tricks

Make the most of your creative freedom

One of the game’s distinguishing features is the amount of creative freedom available when it comes to the game’s key components. The said components, the monsters, characters, or riders, can be combined in a variety of ways to maximize the potential of the said combination.

Characters and monsters in the game each have their own unique skills, resulting in different outcomes that can be game changers for you. There are also various weapons that can be paired with the various characters to balance and enhance their attributes. This ability is useful when you are unable to defeat an enemy using your original setups.

Keep track of the storyline

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The storyline is undoubtedly one of those elements that, if properly understood, can greatly benefit a player. The dialogues in general provide a wealth of information about the game’s setting, the island of Fort Lemuria. They provide crucial information about the nature of many Monsters, as well as how certain items and interactions work in the game.

With the game insights, you can navigate the tasks more easily and reduce the amount of time you need to put into learning about some things that you could have learned from the story cutscenes.

Keep completing the Quests

Quests are a vital source of resources and other types of points in Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown, as they are in all games. The Quests also provide the extremely important needed to level up and thus unlock more in-game features. You can also use them to gather the resources you need to level up your Monsters and make them even stronger.

Raise your own Monsters

Although the predesigned monsters available in the game are fantastic, you can also raise your own monsters and potentially make them better than the ones available by default. When you raise a Monster, it gradually becomes accustomed to your gameplay and skills, eventually learning how to complement your offensives and thus becoming a near-perfect piece of the puzzle you are assembling with your team.

The above feature allows you to shape the Monsters to your own playstyle, saving you the trouble of looking for more Monsters to fit into your team. Not only that, but you can combine them with other components such as Riders to create a formidable foe.

Create your own unique Monster species

In addition to recuiting different types of Monsters, you can crossbreed two Monsters you like to create a new Monster with abilities inhibiting those of both its parents.

Creating your own Monster can be beneficial in a variety of ways. If you need two types of skills from two Monsters to defeat an enemy, you can do the same work with only one Monster created by crossbreeding the two Monsters. If that isn’t enough, you can team up with a friend and combine both of your Monsters to create a new Monster.

So that concludes our beginners tips and tricks for Volzerk : Monsters and Lands Unknown.