Victoria Beckham Shops at Prada in New York City

Victoria Beckham was spotted out and about in New York City shopping at the Prada and Miu Miu store. Victoria, who recently unveiled her own latest fashion collection as part of New York Fashion Week, looked as stylish as ever, dressed up in peep-toe nude heels, a grey check dress and a wine coloured cardigan. Victoria isn’t afraid to show off her shape, and this figure-hugging dress certainly does just that! The belt added around her waist also shows off her amazing post-body body.

Victoria accessorized with an oversized matching clutch in a dark red colour, while she’s also rocking a pair of her signature oversized sunglasses. She always puts in so much effort into her looks, and is dressed flawlessly each time she steps out as a result. She may be on a hectic schedule at the moment with a newborn and a fashion label to look after, but it seems she has the whole thing sussed, and looks as cool as a cucumber too!